Legends of the Game · Throwbacks

No doubt, Francesco Totti is a legend and deserves as much respect as other legends do. 

What some football fans regard as achievements in football is appalling. Earlier in the week we had news of ‘Emperor’ Francesco Totti retiring at the end of the season and taking up the role of a director when he pulls down the curtain on his graceful career. Tributes poured in all over social media but I was left baffled when a fan described Totti as a player who has won nothing. I had to lecture the fan on the list of major trophies Totti had won, though a modest 6 including a world cup. What actually puzzled me was his insistence on the fact that if Totti had left for other clubs his medal shelve or cabinet would have been larger. 

At that point I asked myself a very sincere question, how many times have we seen a player kiss his team’s badge and sign for their city rival or league rival the next transfer window? or has it now become a crime to be loyal to one’s own fans and team? . Certainly the latter is lacking in modern day football. Certainly when you think about the city of Rome, before we football fans think about the Colosseum, ‘Emperor’ Totti comes to mind. 

How many of the current footballers have genuine loyalty to Fans. Like I tell my friends I’m a fan of the jersey not the players wearing them,  they could leave any transfer window but what will remain the same is the jersey. 

Some spectacularly defy my logic, Del Piero and Buffon played in Serie B with juventus after they were relegated. What better love story can I tell my kids I have a lot to pick from ‘Maldini and the Red half of Milan’ , ‘Emperor Totti and Eternal City’, ‘Del piero , Buffon and their love for the Old lady’, ‘Gerard and Carragher Boys2Men in Merseyside’. I’m still thinking of titles for Terry , Lahm, Xavi etc. 

Even though some of these guy’s have a larger trophy haul than Emperor Totti it’s his loyalty to the Jersey he’s worn all through his career that makes him a great sportsman along side these Legends. Even though I’m a Milan fan I wouldn’t deny the fact that Totti is and will always be a Legend of the beautiful round leather game.

Football has evolved beyond loyalty. It’s now about money making and not the passion to play it. Many of these footballers, these days,  play football as an occupation.
Written by Cypher


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